Dwelling in the future

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

~ Marcus Aurelius

Another year has passed, and it has been a quite interesting year. A lot of things have happened in this past 12 months.

I wanted to write this post as a retrospection on what has been happening in this past year, but I feel like this would be dwelling in the past, something I advocate not to do to anyone that asks me. So following my own advice I am going to just say what I do want to do in 2014.

I want to spend more time exercising

By the end of last year I began to run again. This is a mayor achievement for me (I need a badge for that!) as I haven’t exercised in ages before that. I have found that running gives me some peace of mind, similar as meditation does for a lot of people. I definitely want to keep on doing this and set time aside for it (hopefully every day).

I want to write more

Writing is hard. You need a lot of alone time to be able to do this (writers confinement). At times I have a lot of drive to write and it seems that I cannot stop doing it, but other times no single word comes out of my hands. I want to do this more. This Christmas I set a little task for myself (which I have been doing) of writing every morning some thoughts, an account of the past day, or just about anything that was on my mind. I hope that this new year I will be able to produce more writing.

I want to write more software

I actually write a ton of software. I code every day on different languages and things to satisfy my ever growing curiosity. What I feel though is that I want to release more products to the world. Not as a capital gain or to make any successful business out of them (although that would be welcome as well), but to actually produce something that people can use in their daily lives that will help them somehow.

I want to reach out more to my friends

I love my friends! They are all over the globe and meeting them is always linked with a trip to somewhere else. The problem with me is that I am not really good at communicating with the people I hold dear when they are not around. It’s so easy to fall into the daily grind and forget to tell someone you appreciate that you are thinking about them. This year I am going to try to do that more and keep in contact with my friends (If you are one of them and you are reading this, I am really sorry that I suck so much in keeping the contact alive).

I want to loose and gain some habits

Last year I spent a lot of time reading about habits and living a simpler lifestyle. This is something that resonates with me. I have been working on that over the past few years, and I want to continue doing that. Life is simple, we should keep our lifestyle simple as well.

Other than that I think that I will keep on helping as many people as I can (easy with my current line of work).

**Happy 2014 to everyone out there!**