How it all starts

When I had the idea for patheleven I wanted to bring together a great team of people that wanted to grow and help other people grow together. The main goal was to change the way we work and interact with our customers and our surroundings.

During our time we learned a lot of valuable lessons and we learned what we did and didn’t want from a company; it was a great adventure.

As you know, we all disbanded and went our own ways to enjoy doing what we like doing, but also to have a break from what we did with patheleven.

Having a small boutique software development shop is a really tough business, we weren’t just building software for our customers, we were always trying to exceed their expectations! This is really hard on every individual on the team and so, we needed a rest…

Why am I writing about all this then?

My main motivation has always to help other people, see them grow and grow myself in the process. At the same time though I am a person that loves a certain lifestyle. I love nature and the mountains, I enjoy running and really nice coffee ( maybe I should start a coffee roaster ). I want to be able to do all these things whenever I feel like doing them; I want to spend more time in nature exploring.

At Makers Academy I have an amazing job and responsibility with an amazing team of friends. It’s amazing what we do and how we are able to change the life of the students that come to the course. It’s not really a job, it suits my lifestyle. Yes, sometimes it is very hard, and frustrating, but at the end it pays of to see this amazing people, our students, having accomplished what they have in such a short time!

Still there has always been this idea of patheleven nagging me in the back of my head. You might hear from it soon, or maybe not …