Dilution |dʌɪˈluːʃn|

noun [ mass noun ]

the action of making a liquid more dilute.

  • the action of making something weaker in force, content, or value
  • [ count noun ] a liquid that has been diluted.
  • [ count noun ] the degree to which a solution has been diluted
  • a reduction in the value of a shareholding due to the issue of additional shares in a company without an increase in assets.

~ Oxford Dictionary of English

We see it over and over – A nice burger joint opens, they serve delicious food. Someone down the line decides it’s time to reduce costs by diluting the ingredients, using cheaper products, etc. You still go there; for a while. Eventually though you decide it’s time to move on and try that other place out…

Sadly this is commonplace in businesses frozen in past practices.

You want to have a service, product, company that your customers will love? The trick is pretty simple…

Never ever insult them by reducing the quality of what you once were!