I'm back (or am I?)

I do not ever hope to accumulate great funds of worldly wealth, but I shall accumulate something far more valuable, a store of wonderful memories. When I reach the twilight of life I shall look back and say I’m glad I lived as I did, life has been good to me.

~ Sigurd F. Olson

It’s been like a few lifetimes since I blogged in here. To be fair, I nearly forgot that I had this little blog. How are you? Has life treated you well?

I’ve had so many different adventures since I last posted here; they are to many to tell, but I might come back to tell you some at a later stage.

I am older now. Not sure I am wiser. Things are different and yet the same. I still want to help others with my work and still smile at the rising sun in the mornings.

image-left My newest (ad)venture is called Bean Mind. Bean Mind’s purpose is helping the coffee roasting businesses work more efficiently. Even though people have been drinking coffee for ages, the speciality coffee roasting business is relatively young and processes are still in the making. If you are interested in learning more about what we are up to (as I am wirting this we haven’t lauched yet) you can head over to our blog and read about our adventures there.

Let’s hope I have renewed energy to post more often and share my shenanigans.