A better team

Over the last ten years (way more, but who’s counting 😅), I’ve been thinking about a tool to help agile coaches and teams without a coach.

I had this problem a while ago when I started coaching and got my first few clients; “How do I keep organised?”, “How do I share insights or activities with the teams?”

I always ended up using a mixture of different tools to keep myself organised. The problem with that (at least for me) is that I end up misplacing important information, missing key insights (or spending too much time studying my notes), making me work harder than I could.

A few years back, Sebastian Hermida created an excellent (and free) tool based on James Shores’ “Agile Self Assessment Quiz” (from the first edition of his book “The Art of Agile Software Development”).

Since then, though, it’s offline 😞.

Talking to Sebastian (this is now about three years ago), I asked him if I could use the name of the original domain he used as I wanted to create tools around agile coaching and helping teams get coaching. He gave me the green light to do whatever I liked with that domain.

So, now we are at the end of 2023, and my tool isn’t there yet, but I’ve got some renewed strength, and I’m seriously thinking of making this happen and scratching that old itch I have.

Are you an agile coach? Are you in a team that needs coaching?

I would love to hear from you and see your needs for your coaching business or team!

Let’s talk!