What went wrong?

The past cannot be regained, although we can learn from it; the future is not yet ours even though we must plan for it… Time is now. We have only today.

~ Charles Hummell

Do you remember when you first came into contact with agile software development?

For me, it was somewhat in the late 90’s. I remember that time fondly. We worked in a high-stakes environment, creating software for Germany’s first online insurance company. We were experiencing high pressure, and the stakes for our clients for such a disruptive product were even higher.

As one of the technical leads in our team, I was feeling the pressure; it was almost unbearable; something had to change.

That’s when I came across the c2 wiki. I spent so much time absorbing the knowledge embedded in those pages; it changed me.

Agile has always meant to be a change in your inner values, a joyful way of working, and ultimately focusing primarily on shipping software that matters.

Over the last decade(s), there has been a tendency to focus on rituals and team topology practices, which, if dissected, don’t add to the company’s bottom line in any meaningful way.

Are you overcomplicating your processes and teams? Is your software being shipped consistently?

Let’s talk about your challenges; I know I can help you untangle the mess you’ve gotten into.