Agile Theatre

Your values create your internal compass that can navigate how you make decisions in your life.

~ Roy T. Bennett

Many companies these days claim to “be agile”; the reason is pretty simple: they have adopted some of the practices defined long ago in the “agile manifesto”.

The funny thing about this is that the practices are the easiest part of “being agile”.

Practices help to be agile; they are little crutches you use to acclimate to the new shift in perspective. The real benefit of agility is, interestingly enough, embedded in part in the very word: “agile”.

The values a company and its people adhere to dictate directly how adaptable to change they are or, controversially, how calcified they’ve become.

Are you process-heavy? Do you follow the agile theatre, but somehow, you aren’t very agile as a whole?

Let’s talk about your challenges; I know I can help you figure this out.