By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

~ Benjamin Franklin

I’m working on preparing some courses for 2024. While doing so, I’m also looking at what’s available in the market.

Most courses lack a thorough syllabus or the amount of time needed to absorb the knowledge to be prepared for the task the course is setting (or equipping) you to do. Some of them offer hands-on training, but many are just classroom-type classes.

The first course I’ll be releasing (hopefully soon) is directed to agile coaches who are either about to start or with just a little time under their belts and want to improve their skills.

It won’t give you a world-renowned certificate (although I can create a certificate for you if you so desire), but it will prepare you for the task at hand.

One thing I’m also toying with is the availability of myself after you’ve completed the course. Many times, when we learn a new skill, once we’ve learned it, we are left alone to deal with our newly acquired knowledge; I want to change that (not sure how I will make that happen yet though)!

If you are interested in knowing more, you have two options.

You can wait and head over to my website , or you can shoot me an email and ask me directly.